Bowie Race Track Aerial Footage (Video)

The Bowie race track isn’t quite abandoned, but is nowhere near as active as it was during the early 1900’s. I actually met another drone pilot while flying here, apparently the track …

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UMBC Aerial Footage (Video)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is a decently large college campus in Catonsville Maryland, right outside of Baltimore. As I learned from my flying on the Montgomery College campuses, college campuses are …

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Iceland Aerial Footage (Photo & Video)

Iceland is arguably one of the best places to drone, the entire country is filled with stunning landscapes and unbelievable colors that are perfect for some quick drone footage. In October of …

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Montgomery College

Turns out that college campuses are fantastic spots for flying with the whole pandemic thing going on. Massive plots of land with big open spaces, and next to no one anywhere on …

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Utah Aerial Footage (Photo & Video)

Utah is filled with beautiful scenery and mountain ranges which can lead to some excellent drone footage. Here’s some shots of downtown Salt Lake City and a few from a random stop …

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Binding FrSky Transmitter and Receiver

Binding a FrSky receiver to a FrSky transmitter is fairly straightforward. In my case I have a FrSky Taranis X7 Transmitter and a FrSky R-XSR receiver. First, go into your transmitter’s model …

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Flight Map

Here is a map of all of my drone flights including related photos and videos from each location.