Introduction to FPV Drones

Flying a FPV drone is an incredible sensation no matter what type of build you go for. It’s the closest thing to feeling like a bird you will ever experience; Where long range builds will have you soaring over beautiful landscapes like an eagle, Cinewhoop builds will have you gliding through obstacles like a sparrow, and freestyle builds will have you screaming through the air like a hummingbird that loves to do backflips.

Building your own custom drone may seem intimidating at first, but once you learn about the different hardware and terminology, it’s fairly straightforward. If you are looking to build your drone from the ground up, here is our detailed step-by-step FPV Drone Build Guide. But if you are leaning toward getting a RTF or BNF quad and want to learn more about how it works or how to set it up for flight, I’d recommend first reading up on frequently used Terms, and then checking on your transmitter configuration and setting things up in Betaflight.

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