Mayeski Park Aerial Footage (Video)

One day I was driving through Sykesville Maryland and checked out google maps to see if there was anything interesting in the area. Very close to me I noticed a fairly large solar farm next to a park with giant fields that would also be perfect for practicing my FPV flying. The park ended up being “Mayeski Park” and it is indeed a great place to practice flying.

There was a surprising amount of people at the park, but there are so many different fields that are spread far enough apart that I did not bother anyone with my flying, which is impressive with how loud a punch out is on my freestyle quad!

I flew here before I had any recording capabilities on my FPV quad, so for now here’s some of the footage I captured on my DJI Spark. Notice that I never go directly above the solar panels, practicing good drone etiquette just in case ;).

DJI Spark Video

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