q RSSI - Don't ignore it!

RSSI – Don’t ignore it!

Just a quick warning after a valuable lesson learned, don’t test your signal strength when you’re not sure! I always keep an eye on my RSSI while flying, and usually turn around as soon as it hits about half strength, but this time I wanted to try going just a littttttle bit further. Bad Idea. My receiver lost contact with my transmitter and went into it’s predefined failsafe mode of cutting all power:

Broken GoPro HERO9 Lens Protector

This of course was supposed to happen in this case, so that’s good!… But the dead freefall drop to the ground broke both the lens protector on my GoPro, and the lens on my DJI Air unit. I knew the GoPro lens protector was removable and designed to break, so I wasn’t too worried about that, and in the end GoPro support even offered to ship me one free of charge after I contacted them!

So the GoPro lens wasn’t a problem at all really, but I was devastated when I noticed the Air Unit lens was shattered. After first trying to twist off the exterior portion of the lens with no luck, I was worried that it was a permanent fixture and I would have to get a whole new camera module. But after a quick search I saw that it is 100% replaceable with some elbow grease and third party parts.

After a few days I had the replacement lens at my door and I now know how to replace a DJI Air Unit Lens.

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