q Perryville Outlets Aerial Footage

Perryville Outlets Aerial Footage

Saw online that there was this abandoned outlet mall not too far from me, so I drove up to check it out. Unfortunately, just a few minutes after getting off the ground, my drone lost connection with my transmitter and fell out of the sky (Unexciting crash footage in video below). The free-fall ended up with the front of my drone hitting the concrete, shattering the lens covers on both my GoPRO and DJI Air Unit.

Nothing I can’t fix though! And a valuable lesson was learned… RSSI – Don’t ignore it! Luckily the GoPRO itself was fine, so I just attached it to my more freestyle-y quad and got some footage:

FPV GoPRO Footage:

After all my FPV batteries were drained (the extra weight of the GoPRO really does a number on battery life), I was excited to check out the area with my DJI Mavic Air 2 to get some more cinematic shots and possibly explore the back side of the building. Now… I always check if an area has any flight restrictions before heading there, which I did the night before! But I didn’t check that morning and turns out Biden went up to Wilmington, DE and. brought the usual D.C. No Fly Zone with him…

So I wasn’t able to fly the Mavic, and I immediately felt guilty for the short amount of FPV I managed to do. But even with broken hopes and two broken lens protectors, it was worth the drive to check out the mall. (even with the current “gas crisis” too!)

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